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Judith Kotzé

Include and transform

Authentic Flow

If we look honestly at ourselves and the people around us, we are able to become aware of what we can do to drastically improve the quality of our lives and work. But hardly anyone does that! Most people remain unaware of their automatic thinking patterns and behaviours that keep them trapped in experience and ego. Becoming aware from the inside out what is really going on is to release authentic flow and break through to self-development and personal growth organically. Organic coaching through the organic scorecard tool is a powerful partnering to release such flow.

Authentic Pilgrimage

No greater gift can be given to our world today than for humanity to wake up, be present and connect from the heart space to Life as it is.

What is required is to commit to discover, celebrate and bring forward who you are in your uniqueness and as part of humanity as a whole, becoming who you are made to be, in and through others and context.

On your life journey you will find that to include every lesson and gift, every challenge and breakthrough, each failure and success, is to transform ever deeper into the mystery of our fertile humanity and divinity. It is not the destination that is ultimately important, but how fully you experience each step on the way.

Authentic Dialogue

Inclusive conversations start with becoming aware of the many identities inside the self and in others. Such conversations risk to consciously engage with all the diversity through time (present, past and future) and space (context, lived realities and integrated experiences) in a multi-dimensional and intersectional dancing with self and others in co-created safe spaces of sharing.

Dialogue partnering is a deliberate process by which trust is grown through authentic sharing of life stories/experiences involving all our senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and intuition) in truthful verbal expressions and embodied communication. The process will culminate in the exploring together of creative ways to move forward in transforming any stuck/stagnated lived realities into celebrated experiences of lessons learned, breakthroughs grasped and organic growth embraced, including ups and downs as gifts freely given to all that lives.

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