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We have been given more precious time together. And as the clock is ticking my awareness opens up to the experience of vulnerability. Or at least what I label as vulnerability – being present with an open mind, heart and body, knowing I do not have control of outcome and still choose to show up and connect.

I am aware of the many risks such vulnerable presence holds the moment I want the outside to affirm, recognize and treat me with care. And more often than not, it is not the outside that matters, but the inside. When I am authentically expressing myself and staying true to who I am discovering myself to be in any given moment, I am grounding myself. I get to affirm, recognize and treat myself with care first and the quality of my presence is significantly higher. I am able to deal much better with possible misunderstandings, unexpected turns and moments of perceived rejection, abandonment or disrespect.

There is such strength is authenticity that is real with vulnerability, that include and transform it on the authentic pilgrimage from the inside out.